My friends, we just finished conducting a seminar for Priests in collaboration with the Diocesan Committee for the Ongoing Formation of Priests. We brought a priest from Malta - Fr. Elias Vella (OFM conv) who is a well known priest and scholar (a world renowned Professor of Dogmatic Theology and Pastoral Theology who leads prayers, seminars and retreats) and travels extensively conducting various types of retreats and seminars.  He has specialized in the area of Healing and Deliverance. He has been appointed as official Exorcist for the Archdiocese of Malta. He has been interviewed in several countries by Radio and Television channels and has authored 13 books.                           Over 7 days we covered the Pilar Team (Seminarians, Priests & Nuns); then the Seminarians of Palotti at Assagao; the Mapuca Deanery, the Old Goa Deanery, the Margao Deanery & finally the religious Sisters of all orders at Pilar. There were @ 150 priests, 48 Nuns & 75 seminarians that attended across the 7 days. Fr. Joseph Salema coordinated with the priests attending along with the venue, dates as well as the hospitality. Fr. Elias Vella also did a Healing Deliverance Adoration at St. Inez church one evening before leaving for Bangalore- Australia. He was awesome. He answered all questions & situations with the wisdom of God. Today he was on radio for the 700,000 listeners speaking on evangelization. All wanted him  to fix the date for him to come next year however Fr. Vella's calendar is booked till 2014. It was truly a 'Jesus Experience' Boni