The God Experience at Hubli – Karnataka. This is the 'Year of Faith', and it is no wonder that 2013 has begun with Faith Works testifying mightily to God's WORD at the Rosary College; at the St. Sebastian Chapel in Fontainhas and now at Hubli a highly industrial city in Karnataka. The invitation from Fr. Andrew to come to Hubli and ‘stir his parish’ by conducting a two day retreat for the Youth on the 26th and 27th of January 2013, was a challenging mission statement. But then again work in the Lord’s vineyard is full of challenges and excitement. It was with great anticipation and joy that the team, led by the Holy Spirit, comprising of me, Yvette, Sancho, Neri, Lyndon, Xavier, Beenu, Zarine and Masie set out for St. Paul's Church in Hubli. Before leaving Goa at 8:00 p.m. on the 25th January, we visited our dear Father Loiola Pereira who implored God's blessings upon the Group. Five hours later in our Tata Winger we were in Hubli at 1:00 am. Our host Father Andrew was among the most humble, sweet and generous souls we have ever come across. What he is doing with the little he has is wonderful. We know that this little will be turned to abundance. On the early morning of the 26th of January we began with the traditional Jericho walk - so effective in tearing down strongholds, breaking bondages, destroying barriers and releasing shackles. Mother Mary walked this walk with us. The testimonies that poured in later bear witness to this fact.   The retreat began with me lighting the traditional lamp which is synonymous with dispelling darkness and yes this is just what happened. The Music set the stage for everything - Sancho, Masie and Lyndon were divine. The Praise and Worship was joyful at times, glorious at others, soulful when imploring God's mercy and stirring when hearts changed. There was a great anointing over the youth as Yvette and I spoke to them with the Word of God and our testimonies. Spiritual blindness was pierced by the light of the Word of God that the youth could see clearly the road to righteousness. Our messages were pointed and wished to drive home the fact that while Abba Father is a merciful God, waiting to embrace us, He also expects discipline and obedience to his WORD. Testimonies from Neri and Beenu were heart rending, sincere and straight from the heart. Lyndon and Sancho had testimonies that the Youth could completely identify their lives with. Xavier and Zarine spoke about 'Tithing' and God being the Provider in our place of work.  At the end of the two days there were changed hearts and great rejoicing. We are certain heaven was rejoicing with us. Praise God! Children and parents were reunited, punk dressers cast away their earrings and bracelets and the Youth proudly displayed these discarded items to Beenu our team member. I would like to end with a scripture from 2 Corinthians 4:7 where St. Paul humbly declares: 'But we hold this treasure in earthen vessels, that the surpassing power may be of God and not from us'. To HIM ALONE be Glory, Praise, Honour, Dominion and Power. Halleluiah!  - Boni.