This was a great time of Praise, Worship, The Word & Adoration at Corpus Christi Church, NY.At this Church we conducted a lively Praise & Worship followed by a teaching from the Word and then was the Adoration and finally the Benediction.Yvette led the Praise & Worship with the help of a small group of singers  - Ralph, Conrad, Bia, Selwyn, Louella & Maletta along with the music playing in the background controlled by Jude . The projector was used so that everyone could participate in praising God.I then spoke on the Five Miracles of the Cross followed by Fr. Tom who exposed the Blessed Sacrament & ended it, singing the Benediction. During the Adoration, Yvette lead the congregation into reflection with all who attended singing 'Change my heart Oh Lord' in short bursts across the Adoration and followed by worship, singing ‘Agnus Dei’. The dim lighting, the incense, the people singing from their heart in one voice enhanced the Adoration and the Benediction sung by Fr. Tom sdb, was soul stirring.Here we also had an opportunity to release our CD of Thank God It's Tuesday - VII (held at Kala Academy - launch of Healing Touch Bus).  This CD is titled 'What does God expect from us' with music  and songs sung by Glen & Teresa (Divine Retreat Center) accompanied by ‘Faith’ from Goa. Jazz for Jesus; Fr. Mathew's Kids Choir  (St. Christopher’s Church-Tivim) and Fr. Raju's youth group performing. The songs, music and message are soul stirring.Most of the people experienced this awesome evening for the very first time, and a request was made to conduct similar retreats at their different parishes. The priest Fr. Tom who was present right through was very happy; and was a great source of encouragement. Bishop Russell Miller, my American friend too was there with members of his Pentecostal church. They loved the experience and gave us an encouraging feedback from the people they spoke to later. It ended with light refreshments in the Church foyer, where we also got to meet and pray with the people. This event could not be possible without the determination of Maletta, the singers who set aside the time to put together and practice the songs, all who helped in some way or the other and our Faith Works Intercessy group back in India of 45 men, woman and children who prayed by forming a chain for three continuous days and nights.Please continue to 'back us' with your prayers for the many people we prayed with especially broken families & also for all that God has in store for us before we return.Praise God! Yvette & Boni