Faith Works India, is an Indian Government recognized non profit Charitable Trust based in Goa involved in social & spiritual works in the State of Goa. It was founded in Jan 2004 under the inspiration & guidance of the Holy Spirt - the Founder. The Managing Trustee's are Boromor (popularly known as Boni) & his wife Yvette. Faith Works India is a Catholic lay evangelical organization dedicated to Christian unity in accordance with the will of Christ that all his followers be one [John 17:21]. Yvette Dias has 22 years of flying experience with an International Airline having a global presence. She rose from an Airhostess, Purser, In-flight Supervisor, Check supervisor and finally to a Base Instructor. She has given up her career to serve the Lord. She is an inspiration and mentor to women everywhere. She is committed to helping women, children and families, discover their purpose and reach a close relationship with Jesus. Boromor (Boni) Dias, an Indian Citizen, was a Businessman with 24 years experience in the field of Information Technology with international experience in Marketing. He set aside all his business (in USA, Israel & India) to serve the Lord. He has always had a passion and energy for life that is contagious. He has committed his life to serving and helping every person, regardless of background and economic status to lift them out of their current difficulties through the power of Jesus Christ and further to know God, to love God & to serve God. Having launched Good Morning Lord in July'2004, a popular inspirational and devotional radio program, Boni works side-by-side with his wife Yvette to take God's message of hope and love through all means of media communication that The Holy Spirit guides them. Under Boni and Yvette's leadership, Faith Works India has grown in every area that they can make Christ known and has become the largest, fastest growing listener base having the most diverse faiths in Goa today with over 700,000 listeners tuned in thrice a week to listen to their favourite radio programs which are also the longest sponsored radio programs running on Government of India's FM radio station AIR FM Rainbow 105.4Mhz. In July'2009 they launched 'Healing Touch' - a mobile healthcare project of specialists for the needy, that reaches out to the remote villages of Goa providing Dental, Eye Care & recently Cardiac tests treating over 19,000 patients since launch.Thus reaching out to the needy with compassion.  The use of different media to make Christ known far and wide is truly inspirational & unique commanding attention, giving hope and installing a peace & joy in the hearts that only Christ can give.